LOUDER @ Jewel 6 30 AM



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LOUD DAY a classic mix from 2007

Local Beats Tour

Local Beats Tour




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Magic Circus!!

Touluse In My Mind

Sultan Vs Morillo Dancing With U Louder Bootleg Mash

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LOUDER @ Webster Hall Punta Cana Opening


Louder & Under Live @ RDElectroworld.com



It was a pleasure to share the stage with Manuel Miller and the Soldiers of House, they simply rocked!!! I like this afternoon parties, I hope we do it again soon........



What a performance last nite @ MINT by Miss Jennifer!!! Over four hours of pure energy!!! Hands down the coolest DJ set I've experienced in a long time, (male or female), the people would not leave after closing time and she kept rockin' it untill way beyond the break of dawn........it was a great night and it was all thanks to the talented, beautiful and super cool JENNIFER. I hope to see you soon!!!!



Miss Jennifer will be here in a couple of days, ( Saturday 22nd) which is also a very special date for me for personal reasons........I guarantee a Blast of a night, I saw her spinnin' and she rocks so, for the ones who know me, You know that I love a challenge, Expect a lot of energy !!!!!!!!!

Then we have the pool party!! Sunday September 6th , @ the Terrace/ Pool of the Napolitano Hotel & Casino, I love this daytime / into the night events, we have a great lineup with The Soldiers of House , Manuel Miller and LOUDER.....can't miss this free event which will be transmitted live on radio La Rocka 91.7 Feel Electro !!!!! We'll see you there, don't forget your bathing suits!!! Afterparty @ MINT..................Till the break of dawn!!


Fabricando Ruido

Well, another great experience for me, I really enjoyed playing my ass off for you guys @ last night's FABRICANDO RUIDO, too bad there was not enough time for all that I wanted to do but HEY!! I will be back soon!!! The next event will be in Bavaro, will provide you with more info very soon. Thanks to TARO & BONAMUSA it was great to share the stage with you!!
Anytime you want more LOUDER just swing by MINT I'll be rockin' it there..........



Wow!! what a show my friends!! the guy was amazing and from where I was standing ( The DJ Booth ) was incredible, he managed the crowd so well........the girls went crazy!! I could not beleive it, the security had to hold the crazy girls that came running to him, they were grabbing his ass!!! so if you did go to te show I hope you had a blast like I did, I also congratulate all the other performers and DJs who did a great job!!


I love this joke!

EL PRESIDENTE DE UNA COMPAÑIA EN MIAMI (Gringo por supuesto) LE DICE A SU GERENTE GENERAL (Cubano):”El lunes próximo, a eso de las siete de la tarde el cometa Halley sehará visible. Es un acontecimiento que ocurre cada 78 años. Por favor reúna a todo el personal en el patio de la fábrica, todos usando casco de seguridad, que allí les explicaremos el fenómeno. Si llueve, este raro espectáculo no podrá ser visto a ojo desnudo, en ese caso,entraremos al comedor donde será exhibido un documental sobre ese mismo tema”.

EL GERENTE GENERAL (Cubano) LE DICE AL JEFE DE PRODUCCION (Boricua)”Por orden del presidente, el lunes a las siete aparecerá sobre la fábrica el cometa Halley. Si llueve reúna a los empleados con casco de seguridad y llévelos al comedor, donde tendrá lugar un raro espectáculo, que sucede cada 78 años a ojo desnudo”.

EL JEFE DE PRODUCCION (Boricua) AL SUPERVISOR: (Mejicano)”A pedido de nuestro Gerente General, el científico Halley, de 78años, aparecerá desnudo en el comedor de la fábrica usando casco,porque va a ser presentado un documental sobre el problema de la seguridad en días de lluvia”.

EL SUPERVISOR (Mejicano) A SU ASISTENTE (Dominicano)“Todo el mundo desnudo sin excepción, deberá estar en el patio el lunes a las siete, donde el famoso músico Halley mostrará el vídeo’Bailando Bajo la Lluvia’. El show se presenta cada 78 años”. Traer casco de protección.

POR ULTIMO... EL ASISTENTE (Dominicano) A SUS EMPLEADOS:El jefe cumple 78 años el lunes y va a haber un perico ripia’o en el patio y luego en el comedor vamos a bailar to' el mundo encuero con el famoso mambero 'Jali' y sus cometas. Todo el que quiera puede ir encuero en pelota... pero tienen que protegerse con su gorro porque la rapadera que se va a armar va a ser del carajo… aunque llueva.